Lejla Kaknjo

Licensed Auditor and Partner
T: +387 33 552 151

Lejla has been certified as an auditor in 2004. She began her auditing career in Recon, an audit company in which Nihad was one of the founders. In Recon, she works as Audit Senior and is responsible for audit engagements coordination and audit reports preparation.

When Recon was acquired by Deloitte & Touche, Lejla stays on and works as Audit Supervisor but quickly moves up to manger responsible for audits of banks and other large and complex companies in BiH and Adriatic region. Here, Lejla really shows her talent and achieves extraordinary results in audit management, client relationship management, leading and managing her team and transferring knowledge she continuously develops.

In 2004, Lejla finally decides to pursue her dream of having her own audit company and she establishes Re Opinion d.o.o. She is successful as a company manager, too; she develops a network of clients amongst which are some of BiH’s notable companies. In 2007, Nihad joins Lejla and Berna to take on managing director duties. Since 2007, Lejla managed audit engagements, partnered for audit services and business development with other two owners and was responsible for reporting to the network the company previously was member of.

Lejla is one of three equity partners in Baker Tilly Re Opinion; she is a member of the company’s Management Board, and also serves as Audit Manager and is responsible for reporting to Baker Tilly International in accordance with the current operating license agreement.